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  • How Does Imagination Differ From Psychosis?

    Symptoms of Psychosis in Childhood Bipolar Disorder A common symptom associated with psychosis in children as well as older sufferers is that of experiencing hallucinations. Symptoms relating to psychosis may be apparent in episodes of both mania (elation) and depression. Bipolar disorder is identified as being more serious and severe when symptoms associated with psychosis […] More

  • How and Why to Reduce Phytic Acid in Foods for Better Health

    Foods High in Phytic Acid and How to Go About Eating Them Phytic acid is higher in some foods than others. Grains, beans, and nuts are notoriously high in it. Soybeans top them all. Even corn contains phytic acid. Thankfully, there are ways to reduce the phytic acid in these foods. Doing so will make […] More

  • Natto Cures Calcification AND Sticky Blood: Smelly Fermented Soy Solves Calicification/Blood Thinning Paradox

    During the process of calcification, despite all the calcium that’s ricocheting around the body, the bones actually get thinner, leading to osteoporosis and a higher risk of fracture. This is called the “Calcium Paradox.” On the one hand you’re losing calcium (from the bones), but on the other, you’re building up calcium just where you […] More

  • How to Date a Cancer Man

    Cancers were made for family. These guys are the ones who probably want to settle somewhere with kids. The driving goal of Cancer is to achieve security, usually in a committed partnership, but always in a manner that gives him the sense of home and belonging. Motherhood is sacred to the Cancer man and he […] More

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